Ashley Graham Net Worth in 2017

Model Ashley Graham Signs $20 Million Worth of Contracts in 2017

Birthplace: Lincoln, Nebraska
Birthday: October 30, 1987
Net Worth: $9 million
Ethnicity: German, American

It’s definitely turning into a great year when you can say you’re getting $20 million in guaranteed money in 2017. That’s exactly why Ashley Graham is having the best year. The 29 year old supermodel has signed $20 million dollars worth of contracts with the biggest brands in beauty and fashion.

Graham has become a social media sensation with her luscious curves and drop dead perfect cheekbones. It’s no surprise that beauty brands like Loreal would dig deep into their pockets to sign her. Graham is set for two years with $4 million coming from the international beauty brand.

Loreal has had the biggest stars int he world like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Adele featured in their commercials and campaigns. Graham who has set many precedents with Sports Illustrated and Vogue covers is now added to that iconic list. She has filmed 4 commercials and was named the brand’s beauty ambassador for 2017. The contract hinders her from promoting any other cosmetic line which is why she can no longer serve on America’s Next Top Model judging panel. The reality competition has a deal with competing drugstore brand Rimmel London.

To add to her pockets Graham is also signed with Target, Burberry becoming the fashion house first plus size model to be featured in a major campaign, Ashely Stewart and many more.

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