Ben Tankard

Who is Ben Tankard? How Did He Become a Millionaire?

Benjamin TankardBen Tankard and his eclectic family have become an entertaining staple on Bravo television. Since the Tankards premiere in 2013 the show and family has garnered a large fan base. One of the show’s appeals is the representation of a wealthy and diverse black family. We’ve seen the kids go to college, move out the house, have children out of wedlock, get arrested and just about everything good and bad that comes with growing up. All of this going on inside a 7,000 sqft mansion in Tennessee. But just who is the head of household Ben Tankard and how did he establish this large amount of wealth?

Ben Tankard is a pastor, father, singer/songwriter, music producer, clothing designer and pilot. His multiple occupations have all earned him millions which he openly shares on his Bravo series Thicker Than Water. The show follows Tankard, his wife Jewel and his children. The reality series debuted with over 1.56 million viewers making it the networks highest rated premiere. Benjamin has excelled tremendously in so many facets of his career. Today the father of 4 and grandfather is worth an estimated $12 million.

In his 30 year career he’s released 19 studio albums and sold over 2 million records worldwide. Benjamin’s Grammy award winning music was all launched on his own independent label Tribute which he established in 1990. Tankard’s label became the catalyst for multi-platinum artist Yolanda Adams who he discovered. The label also was home to the Clark Sisters. His years in the business and success have granted him the nickname the “Quincy Jones of Gospel Music.” Tankard is in the process of expanding the label from music to include film, television projects and a radio show called “Smooth Vibes with Ben”.

Ben and his wife Jewel LaGreen married in 2000. Both of them were previously divorced from other marriages and openly speak about their previous marriage hurdles. The couple have also teamed up expanding Tankard’s brand and ownership to include Destiny Center Church in Tennessee which he ministers. Jewel has her own clothing line called Millionaires which includes hats and accessories. Benjamin has made career moves in the fashion industry as well with a suit line for Big & Tall men which he wears on his series.

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