Black Ink’s Sky Reunites With Son for Prom

Black Ink Crew’s Sky Reunites With Son for Prom

In the midst of all the chaos and drama on VH1’s Black Ink Crew, the loudest and wildest cast members shares some heartwarming photos on our timeline. Sky, the 34 year old reality star, reunited with her youngest son for his prom. She posted the pics as she helped him suit up and gave her son advice for the big night. We all saw when she reached out to her sons this past season on the show. The sit down with her oldest son ended in a brawl and tears. But it was her younger son who seemed more understanding of the situation.

Sky gave birth the her first son when she was 14, who is now 21 and her second son when she was 16. She gave them both up for adoption. Their father was non existent in their lives and Sky’s own mother had a lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder and drug addiction. At the time, the teenage Sky assumed it was best that they be in the care of someone else. But things didn’t work out so well for her oldest son who was in a Juvenile Detention center for several years. He mentioned how it hurt him to see his mom happy and wildin’ out on tv while he was behind bars. But her younger son seemed to be more compassionate and realized his mom was not in the right condition to raise him and his brother.

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