Bob Whitfield Net Worth

You Won’t Believe Bob Whitfield Net Worth Before Bankruptcy

Long before Sheree Whitfield was cashing in them coins on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and struggling to pay for a custom built home, Bob Whitfield was bringing home serious bacon.

Bob was one of the top offensive linemen in the NFL. The now 45 year old had a ten year career with the Atlanta Falcons and helped the team reach multiple playoffs before and after Michael Vick. Although Bob wasn’t the quarterback he was still the highest paid on the team before Vick was drafted. In fact Bob’s salary peaked at $10 million in 2000. That 8 figure salary was almost unheard of at the time. Bob had played through his rookie contract in 1996 and was given a contract extension that same year. Following that the team wanted to do a rebuild.

Everyone knows if you want to keep a great QB healthy the best way is protection. That was Whitfield’s responsibility and he did it well. In 1998 he was voted to the Pro Bowl where he earned a nice $12,000 bonus check. Most of Whitfield’s money came from the signing bonuses which he was paid nearly $1 million every year and $200K workout bonus which is paid to players for remaining injury free.

With all that money Bob was able to buy Sheree a 7,000 square foot home worth $4 million. Most viewers of Real Housewives would remember the house in the first three seasons. Sheree was also living the high life with 4 luxury cars, including a Bentley GT, Jaguar, and one of the first in Atlanta with a Range Rover. Sheree was also spending Bob’s loot on clothing and shoes. She was paying $7,000 a year to a personal stylist. And according to Bob’s bankruptcy report Sheree had a shoe closet worth $14,000. The most expensive pair she owned was manolo blahnik boots she purchased $3,000. But all that living ended abruptly when the couple divorced.

Bob and Sheree filed for divorce during the first season of Real Housewives. Shortly after that Bob filed for bankruptcy. He claimed he had no more money left. It was almost impossible to blow through $40 million he allegedly had in assets. But with all the investigation into his finances Bob did in fact lose all that money but it wasn’t because of Sheree. Bob also had side chicks who he bought cars and clothes for. He even noted in his bankruptcy report he was paying for a woman’s rent!!

As many of us wonder why Sheree stayed with an abusive husband it might be because of his money. Does that make Sheree a gold digger.

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