Who is Brittney Taylor aka Bri Beauty?

Meet Love and Hip Hop’s Brittney Bri Taylor

After 8 seasons killing the ratings game, Love and Hip Hop returns with another fire season. The show centers around women in the music industry and their love life. One of the show’s most popular Bianca Bonnie returns but this time with a new nemesis Bri Beauty.

Bri is a female rap artist from Queens. Born Brittney Taylor the rapper has been constantly compared to Bianca who is from Harlem. But the female MC wants to make sure this show separates her from who she calls a “wannabe”.

Growing up in Long Island City Brittney used to hop on the train to Harlem and watch local MC’s rap at parties. She also used to check out rap battles and get inspiration for her own flow. She felt inspired by the atmosphere and eventually began going to studios and recording demos. Taylor began hooking up with producers who invited her to parties, giving her an opportunity to flex her flow in front of crowds. She also wanted to take her art to another level and become a producer. Most artist today have very little control over their sound let alone their image. As she got older her rap style changed and her lyrical ability grew. Bri eventually dropped the name Bri Beauty and prefers going by her real name Brittney Taylor.

Her career took off when she joined a rap group called Swag Kids. They got noticed by DJ Webstar, who at the time produced the hit record “Chicken Noodle Soup” with then young B (Bianca Bonnie). From there she caught the attention of former Love and Hip Hop star Jim Jones. The two did a record together, and things were looking up for Taylor.

Like most teenagers the MC was not ready to take her career seriously. The rebelliousness led to a falling out with her manager. She moved to Miami to get a fresh start. But that move would prove detrimental, as Brittney spent all her royalties on clothes and living. She recently made the move back to New York and saw an opportunty to let Mona Scott document her journey. But the same cats she saw originally on the way up still have issues to resolve. Viewers will be able to see this clash with Bianca and Brittney play out this season.

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