Who is Tommy Geez Cardi B’s Boyfriend Bio

Who is Cardi B’s Boyfriend Tommy? Where is He From? Are They Still Together?

Cardi B has become the absolute fan favorite on VH1’s heavily popular Love and Hip Hop. With all the drama and complex story lines, it’s Cardi’s personality and realness that stands out on the series. The former stripper turned rapper has bragged for 2 seasons about her man behind bars. Tommy has been mentioned over 200 times on the show and hasn’t made one appearance. With his name flowing out Cardi’s mouth every scene of course fans are wondering just who he is and what he’s locked up for?

tommy-before-prisonTommy was pictured in the left with his friend Ray Bando. The Harlem native is serving a 4 years prison sentence for gun charges. He has a heart tattoo on his neck which looks a little suspect but. He made most of his money in the streets selling dope. He also is in the music industry.

The rapper goes by the name Tommy Geez and started his own independent label O3GMG. Coincidentally Cardi’s love interest on LHH and producer Swift is actually friends with Tommy Geez and the two started the label together.

Hmmmmm, so is the relationship with Swift just a ploy to get him on the show?

Tommy is pretty much guranteed a role on the show when he gets out as long as Cardi continues signing the dotted line. And having a love triangle while he’s behind bars can make his story line even more intriguing. And because Swift and Geez are business partners I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be dumb enough to get on the show and start tonging down his partner’s girlfriend, knowing that everyone will see it including him. In my head assume there was a story line developed over the phone with Cardi as Tommy asked could she get his homeboy on there to help garner more attention to their label and the other artist their working with.

Despite Tommy Geez’s current situation he’s still hopeful about being with Cardi B upon his release. He even talked about marriage himself and called her his wife.

Cardi has mentioned that she wanted to get married to Tommy when he gets out. But being faithful to a man behind bars for years when you’re only 20 something can be a struggle. Now with Cardi’s new found popularity it’s even harder. The Love and Hip Hop star recently admitted that the two broke up on twitter. This could be because he got word his homeboy Swift was intimate with Cardi on the series, which we still don’t know if that story line was artificially conceived or not. Or it could someone else she’s seeing off camera.

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