Ceaser Buys Karlie Redd $160K Maserati

Black Ink’s Ceaser Buys Karlie Redd Maserati

  • Birth name: Ceaser Emmanuel
    Birthplace: Bronx, NY
    Net Worth: $3 Million

Time and even a little bit of time heals all wounds apparently. Black Ink Crew’s Ceaser Emmanuel buys Love and Hip Hop’s Karlie Redd a Maserati. A 2017 Masterati worth over $160 grand. That’s a lot for a vehicle but Ceaser is definitely stacking enough bread to make dem payments. The VH1 reality star is worth an estimated $3 million but the former tattoo artist is looking to double that with his earnings this year. In January 2017 VH1 signed him to another two seasons of Black Ink for a reported $700K. He’s also opening two new shops in Miami and Atlanta. Look for potential show spinoffs with those openings.

Ceaser and Karlie Redd just officially came out about their relationship on Instagram in March. The couple posted a video of them riding in a car and Karlie calling him her boo. They have been making the media rounds doing interviews with Rolling Out, Bossip, VH1, the Jasmine Brand and Mz. Gossip Girl. With all these appearances it makes fans question the validity of the relationship. And could this just be a an arrangement to promote both of their shows which premiered in March? Well fans will have to wait and see how long this thing last.

But apparently Ceaser has made no hesitations with letting Karlie get up in his pockets. Even though he still lives in a crumby studio apartment in Harlem Ceaser has investments in real estate in Miami and Atlanta. Karlie herself doesn’t necessarily need the money since she is earning $300K this season of Love and Hip Hop.

Is she worth it?

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