Danielle Bregoli Net Worth

How Much Money Does Danielle Bregoli Make from Cash Me Ousside?

It is definitely a new era when an appearance on Dr. Phil can make you one of the highest paid people in the country. Danielle Bregoli a 13 year old troubled girl from Boynton Beach Florida got the biggest break of her life. The teen was brought on the show by her mother who complained about her outlandish behavior. And despite a good counseling session from Phil in front of millions, Danielle might be the one who came out on top.

A 30 second clip with the Bregoli using the phrase “Cash Me Ousside How Bah Dah” blew up on social media. It was posted to Instagram’s biggest profiles from World Star Hip Hop, Media Take Out, Hollywood Unlocked and Daquan. The clip was shared millions of times and became the most viewed video online in January. Since then agents have be trying cash in big on this overnight star. But apparently Bregoli has found the perfect manager who is helping her make thousands and cashing inside and ousside social media.

Danielle Bregoli was paid $40,000 for a 3 minute video appearance on Kodak Black’s 1K. The video showcased Danielle’s popularity getting 10 million views in 48 hours. Danielle is also charging nearly $5,000 per appearance. To add to her pockets she copyrighted the phrase “Cash Me Ousside How Bah Dah” and selling it on merchandise. In January the t-shirts alone sold over 4,000 grossing nearly $20,000.

For her second appearance on Dr. Phil the teen was followed by TMZ, People Magazine and other outlets as she dined around Los Angeles. We all know this might be the quickest 15 minutes of fame but as long as Danielle plays her cards right she might be building a bank account that could have her eating at Red Lobster for years to come, “How Bah Dah”.

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