Did Erica Mena Sleep With Estelita?

Reports Alleging Erica Mena and Co-Star Estelita Had an Affair

Love and Hip Hop fan favorite Erica Mena made a surprise return to the VH1 franchise. After a 3 year hiatus it wasn’t long before Mena received calls from Mona to return to the show. But surprisingly Erica didn’t go back to NY. She wanted to leave that behind and head down south to Atlanta.

Although the move might seem random to some, Erica has a personal relationship with a lot of the cast members. She’s friends with Stevie, Mimi’s friend Melissa and Stevie’ artist Estelita. It was revealed in the season 6 premiere the former besties had a falling out. It was never establish on the show exactly what caused it. But fans were quick to head to the forums and social media putting out theories.

One of the biggest rumors reported was that Mena and Estelita had an affair with each other. We all know Erica had dipped in the lady pond but nothing suggested Estelita had any interest in women. I received a tip from someone who is extremely close to both women and they claimed it was true.

According to the source,allegedly Erica and Estelita began dating following her breakup with Cyn Santana. At the time the two were private about their relationship. Once Erica began dating Bow Wow, the two put a hold on their relationship. After Bow and Mena split, they picked up where they left off. But it was when Mena revealed that she was dating former basketball player Cliff Dixon that sent Estelita and Mena’s relationship downhill. The source alleges that Mena only wanted a friends with benefits relationship with the Panama singer but Estelita wanted more. And Stevie’s artist felt blindsided when Erica began dating Cliff.

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