Who is Dream Doll? #LHH

How Much is DreamDoll Worth?

Former Bad Girls Club star and now Love and Hip Hop rookie, Dreamdoll has a net worth of $50,000. The reality star was paid $1,000 per episode of the Oxygen hit series. But now VH1 has given her a huge pay raise at $10,000 per episode.

Reality star turned rapper is now being managed by DJ Self. The radio DJ also gave Cardi B a step up early in her rap career. Self claims Dreamdoll is going to be a big time star. She can rap, sing and dance. But her curves seem to be getting her the wrong type of attention. Cast mates Snoop and Safaree have had their eyes on her and according to sources she and Safaree have hooked up. She isn’t currently in a relationship so this might not make things as scandalous as it sounds.

The musical collaboration between her and DJ Self actually started through social media. Self, like most thirsty men was following her on her instagram. She had posted a link to her music video on world star, and the radio DJ thought she had enough talent to develop.

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