Israel Houghton 5 Things You Didnt Know

Israel Houghton Who is Adrienne Bailon’s Husband?

Ever since the engagement was announced it was non stop rumors swirling about the legitimacy of Adrienne’s relationship with Israel Houghton. Adrienne Bailon is the co-host of the syndicated Daytime series The Real. You know? The show Tamar Braxton was fired from. Former Cheetah Girl Bailon has been one of the few Disney stars to make a successful transition from childhood career to adult hood. Her career kicked off in the girl group 3LW that later disbanded due to management issues and group member jealousy, allegedly. But Bailon might have hit another stride in her career with her marriage to Christian singer songwriter Israel Houghton.

Houghton who is 45 was born in Oceanside California. He released 13 albums since 1997, 11 of which were released under his own music label Integrity. Before coupling up with the Real co-host Houghton was married to Meleasa Houghton, a Grammy nominated singer. The couple have 4 children Mariah Houghton, Milan Houghton, Jordan Houghton, Israel Houghton Sonny. His career was filled with musical accolades including Grammys and a number of positive critical reviews and praise for his work. But 2016 saw the gospel hit maker run into a few scandals thanks to Bailon.

According to DailyMailUk the music superstar ‘lost job as worship leader at Joel Osteen megachurch’ amid cheating rumors. Yes, you read right. While he was still married to Meleasa, happily married I might add he began having an affair with the Daytime star. It wasn’t long before the relationship garnered public attention. But that wasn’t the only scandal.

Even though Israel has many kids social media took note of his ‘zesty’ appearance and assumed he might be on the DL. On a blog site called a poll was published asking if readers think Adrienne’s soon to be husband is gay or naw? And an overwhelming 90% of readers thought so. But that’s just speculation. The couple seems to be very happy and stay sharing their ‘happy’ smiles on your instagram feeds. Take a look at this performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” the Real.

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