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How Much is Jase Robertson Worth in 2013?

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Jase Robertson shirtlessWillie‘s brother (the second-oldest of Phil and Miss Kay‘s sons) and is in charge of the manufacturing aspects of Duck Commander. Although his salary is only $100K per year working under his brother at his father’s business he is commanding even more for his role on the television show.  Along with other employees, Jase tunes the duck calls by hand. Many of the episodes feature the laid-back Jase doing something to aggravate the gung-ho Willie (such as turning a warehouse cleaning into a ping-pong battle). He along with his family each have garnered a strong fan following. The series is the highest rated reality series on cable television. Now in season 4 Jase seems to realize his worth and is commanding a salary of $1 million along with his brother Willie and Uncle Si who might not be returning in season 5. The salary agreement also allows for a bonus depending on the episodes ratings.

Growing up with his father as the Duck Commander, Jase Robertson soon realized that if he wanted to spend time with him, he’d have to meet him in the blind. But it soon became evident that Jase had the same passion for duck hunting as his dad. From the age of 8 years old, Jase spent as much time in the woods as he possibly could, even missing the maximum number of days from school each year that the law would allow.

Jase Robertson wifeEven today he shows that same passion and drive to meet his dad in the blind each and every day of duck season for one common goal … limiting out. Hunting, along with helping the family business to succeed, consumes most of Jase’s time. Aside from his current role as a duckman in the Duck Commander DVD series and TV Show, Benelli Presents Duck Commander, he runs the manufacturing part of Duck Commander, making sure that every call is hand-tuned, in large part by himself. This part of the business is very important to him as he knows consumers want the best call possible. It is his ambition to give them what they want.

Jase lives in West Monroe, Louisiana, with his wife Missy and their three children, Reed, Cole and Mia.

Birth name: Jason Silas Robertson
Net Worth: $1 Million
Wife: Missy
Lives: West Monroe, La
Children: Reed, Cole, Mia
Twitter: @ @JaseDuckman
Beard: YES

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