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Jennifer Williams 2013 beautiful hair and feet shoesBasketball Wives has become VH1’s highest rated series and it’s cast members have reaped great financial benefits from starring in the series for 5 season. Jennifer Williams entered the show in the beginning but after a salary dispute she was dropped following season 4 along with Royce Reed. Jennifer was married to Eric Williams in 2007 and the couple were the only ones still married on the series. But fans wondered about their distance and lack of chemistry. The couple began filing divorce papers in 2010 and the drama still continues. Jennifer hired lawyers attempting to get $30 million from the settlement which has lead to a long and drawn out dispute. But she developed a net worth of her own on the series. She was paid $300K per season and a $40k Bonus for each reunion episode. But due to Williams asking for too much money she was dropped from season 5. It’s rumored that Evelyn could also be exiting after this season. Her net worth is $14 million, which was awarded in the final divorce settlement.

2013 Jennifer WilliamsThe 38 year old was born September 17, 1974 in South Orange New Jersey. She grew up in an upper middle class suburban neighborhood. Her mother was an RN at East Orange General Hospital and her father was a personal financial adviser at City National Bank earning $300K per year which included commissions for different accounts he handled. She made it clear that her father drove a Porsche. Jennifer followed in her parents footsteps excelling in education and seeking a successful career. Williams graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in political science, and is principal shareholder in a women’s only fitness studio called Flirty Girl Fitness.

She met her ex husband Eric Williams in 2000 and the couple was married in the Bahamas in 2007. The relationship didn’t last as Eric claims Jennifer was a gold digger. Jennifer is now dating Cisco Rosado of CMG entertainment. It’s rumored Mona Scott Young who produced Love & Hip Hop and Chrissy and Mr Jones.

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