JuJu Juliet from Love and Hip Hop

Who is JuJu? How Much is She Worth?

JuJu aka Juliet was born in Brooklyn New York and raised in Miami. The 5 foot 10 Cuban American beauty has brains to go along with those legs. Yess Gawd!! With every new cast member of LHH it seems to be the same story and background. They are a struggling artist who believes they are the next Beyonce or Nicki Minaj. And they been hustling for years trying to make it in the industry. But JuJu has a lot more going for her than a hopeless dream.

Cam’ron’s bae attended Barry University. The school is one of the top in the country and with it’s long list of successful alum the school doesn’t play about who gets accepted. When most students get into prestigious school’s because of their parent’s donations it was actual scholastic performance that got Miss JuJu into that uppity institution. She studied liberal arts and after graduating moved back to New York to start a career in real estate. But it wasn’t real estate that brought Ju and Cam together.

They met through mutual friends and have dated on and off for almost a decade. But the two finally became exclusive in 2015. Although Cam’s net worth is in the millions JuJu actually hustled for her own money. With that she made in real estate she started her own hair company ‘Candy Jewels’ and later invested in an urban clothing line called ‘Staple Pigeon’.

Informally, Juju is a spokeswoman for a curvy and healthy lifestyle. Her mission is to inspire beauty acceptance in all shapes and sizes while using her social media platforms to empower women. Juju shares advice on skincare, fitness, relationships, and business. She refers to her advice as “Juju Jewels”. This Fall, Juju releases her first best seller Secrets Of A Jewel, where she lends advice to women in helping them find their inner jewel.

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