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Loretta Lynn Worth an Estimated $65 Million. 5 Things You Didn’t Know

At the top of 2018 Country music superstar Loretta Lynn made headlines. The singer who is worth an estimated $65 million fractured her hip. According to USA Today she is recuperating from a hip fracture. Her sister country singer Crystal Gayle posted on instagram Monday morning the singer broke her hip last week and asked that everyone keep her in their prayers.

Although she has become a household name there are a number of things music listeners rarely know about Lynn. In 2010 during a PBS documentary she revealed she was married at 13 years old. According to NPR transcript Loretta wrote her first song in 1960 with a $17 guitar that her husband bought for her.”I’m a Honky Tonk Girl” was the record which was later resung by Lee Ann Womack.

The outspoken singer told Rolling Stone magazine in 2017 that was a proponent of the Women’s March but thought it lacked class. “I think a march is fine,” she says. “But I thought that Madonna and Ashley Judd … they got a little too far out. They should have done it with more class. For God’s sake, march if you want to, but do it with class.”

Loretta Lynch is pro Birth Control In 1975 the singer wrote a song called “The Pill”. It was actually one of her few that didn’t crack the Billboard Country singles charts.

2017 was also a year filled with health issues for the legendary singer. In May she suffered a stroke which lead her to cancel two shows at a Motorcycle Rally in Iowa.

Her 1966 single “Don’t Come Home a Drinking” was inspired by her husband. She says he would go out drinking and come home to continue doing the same thing. In the interview for her documentary she states the very lyrics of the song are exactly the things she would tell him every night. At that time Loretta also says her husband and created a writing room for her to write music in their home. He knew that song was directed towards him and his behavior.

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