Marlo Hampton Net Worth in 2018

How Much is Marlo Hampton Worth in 2018?

  • Birthday: February 7,1976
  • Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Spouse: Single
  • Net Worth: $500,000

    Marlo Hampton is in her seventh season appearing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and still not an official cast member. It might have something to do with her violent criminal record that was revealed in season 4. Marlo was auditioning for an official peach and began filming as if she would get an introduction tagline and everything. But according to the show’s producers they were worried if she did get physical with a cast member they would be sued heavily knowing her criminal past.

    Although Bravo won’t officially commit to her she has been a staple in season 10 appearing in 13 of the 20 episodes filmed. Following the firing of Phaedra the network wanted to make sure their ratings hit stays on top. So why not offer Marlo more screen time and use her to stir the pot while Sheree carries the bone. She is allegedly paid $100,000. And since she has been an intricate part of some of the drama she will return to the reunion couch with $50,000. Yes Bravo seems to offer a hefty bonus for the cast members to do reunion specials since it’s the highest rated episode every year.

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