Meet Fetty Wap’s New Baby Not By Alexis Skky

Fetty Wap Has Son Months After Alexxis Skky Gives Birth

This is Wap’s daughter Lezhae, all videos of his newborn son were taken down

We just released news that Fetty Waps daughter with Alexis Skky, Alaiya, was released from NCIU after 5 months. Now were getting the official details of his other newborn that he just had by another woman.

Skky’s baby was just born in January and March 2nd Fetty Wap’s other baby mama posted the video after their son was born. This his seventh child but the second by Lezhae Zeona. They have a daughter named Zaviera Maxwell, who is almost 3.

Outside of his kids with Zeona and Skky, Fetty has a son named Aydin Zoovier, 6, a daughter Khari Barbie, 2, who is just over a month older than his other daughter, Amani, and just a few months older than yet another daughter, Lauren.

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