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Michael Wolff Net Worth and 5 Things You Didn’t Know

President Trump has been the biggest constant headline since his announcement to run for president in 2015. Since his presidency things have not changed. He has drawn large criticism from both sides of the aisle for policy and personal decisions. But recently Michael Wolff has become another reason why Trump continues to stay in the headlines for the wrong reasons. His book ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ might make Wolff the highest paid author of 2018. His net worth is currently at $500,000 but according to sales his worth might reach more than $12 million by the end of the year.

1. Michael Wolff got his girlfriend Victoria Floethe pregnant while he was still married to another women. Back in 2015 Page Six reported the story. He was 61 at the time and she was 30 years his junior. Wolff’s wife Alison Anthoine refused to follow through with a divorce after Wolff filed.

2. Wolff and his estranged wife were involved in a $6 million legal battle with his mother in law. The lawsuit was over real estate that belonged to the Anthoine family. According to NY Post The deal says matriarch Edith Anthoine can live in the one-bedroom unit until she dies. Alison is allowed access twice a year, say court papers.

The settlement was reached after a judge found there was evidence supporting Edith’s claims that she’d swapped a four-bedroom on Lexington Avenue and 77th Street with Michael and Alison in exchange for her E. 74th St. one-bedroom. Edith said that the duo later tried to evict her, causing her to suffer a heart attack.

Now Nina, Robert, Nelson and mom Edith Anthoine are suing Wolff and Alison, 64, claiming they stole artwork from her home, raided a safe deposit box of antique jewelry and refused to share proceeds from the sale of a $1.85 million Lexington Ave. apartment

3. Wolff published his first article in 1974. The piece was an expose of Angela Atwood who died the same year in a shootout with Los Angeles Police.
4. In 2004 Michael Wolff made an effort to buy New York Magazine. The publication’s owners decided to put it up for sale. He assembled a team of investors to make an offer but Primedia inc decided to sell to investment banker Bruce Wasserstein.
5.In 1991, Wolff launched Michael Wolff & Company, Inc., specializing in book-packaging.

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