Migos Net Worth in 2013

Migos Quavo Takeoff OffsetThe Atlanta Trio Migos is garnering national attention from their hit single Versace. The song was so hot that Cash Money rapper Drake had to hope on for the remix. Quavo, Takeoff and Offset who is currently in jail now make up Migos.  Offset has been in jail since January and will be home in September. Three child hood friends from the hood in Atlanta who got hot screaming “Versace, Versace, Versace”. “Versace” has been elevated by the artists. Rappers are grabbing on to it and making it their own, knowing full well it belongs to anybody who wants to take a crack at it. Meek Mill, Angel Haze, Soulja Boy and Travis Porter are among the Migos Atlanta rappersgrowing mob of rappers that have recorded versions of “Versace,” making the song feel meme-ish in a fresh way. The song has reached over 500 thousand downloads in digital sales through iTunes and Amazon building large anticipation for their mixtape Young Rich N*ggas. This was all done as independent artist which means their profit is much higher than artist sign to big labels having similar success. But don’t worry these boys have already gotten mass attention from several top labels including Island Def Jam and Interscope each offering the trio $2 million for a multiple album deal.

Migos 2013
Young Rich N*ggas album cover

They were born in Athens Georgia and their movement started in Northern Atlanta. It was rumored they were signed to Brick Squad. They do have a close relationship with Brick Squad CEO Gucci Mane and former label artist Waka Flocka. Migos are adorned by club promoters and are paid $15,000 per performance this past summer. They got their start from a local Atlanta DJ Ray G. He first started playing their demos in club Mansion and Obsessions. It was their second mixtape No Label which gained traction in the clubs and was on constant spin in Atlanta’s night life. He literally bumped into producer Zaytoven in the club who told the trio he was big fan. He produced their single Versace which he later sent to Drake after Drake ran into Migos at Birthday Bash.

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