Party Next Door Net Worth

Party Next Door Paid $5 Million in Royalties for Ghostwriting Drake

  • Real Name: Jahron Anthony Brathwaite
  • Birthday: July 3, 1993
  • Birthplace: Ontario
  • Net Worth: $6 million

Rumors have been swirling for years that Drake used ghostwriters for his music. The allegations surfaced when Drake was in the beginning stages of his multi million dollar career. In a radio interview he was asked to freestyle but had to refer to notes in his phone to do anything. Since then the rumors have not stopped and many people have becoming forth claiming they are this mysterious ghostwriter. But in 2016 it was revealed that Canadian rapper and friend to Drake, PartyNextDoor might be the real reason behind Drake’s success.

Born Jahron Brathwaite, PartyNextDoor made millions on his own writing for artist like Rhianna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and Kelly Rowland. But rapper branched out to drop his own album last year. The release was a hit but what might have garnered the record it’s success is the evidence that hit the internet last year that the young artist wrote songs for Views. Several reference tracks and demos made their way on the internet with PartyNextDoor explaining how Drake should perform the records on Views and verses and choruses that he wrote. In fact in the credits PartyNextDoor is listed on 7 songs as a writer. Whether or not you want to believe he wrote only the hooks and a few lines of he is responsible for writing the entire records he still made crazy ass money from it.

Views from the 6 become Drake’s biggest selling album in 2016. It became quadruple platinum selling 4.4 million records worldwide and 1.6 million in the US alone. With each album sale Brathwaite made a reported $1, while Drake earned $3. That means PartyNextDoor was paid $4 million for his work on the album and what’s even more shocking Rihanna’s longest number 1 single “Work” gave him another $500K. PartyNextDoor collaborated on the song with Rihanna and in fact made more money than Rihanna did for the record. The Barbadian singer does not write her music.


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