Phaedra Parks Net Worth $8 Million

Phaedra Parks Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta. Turns Down Salary Pay Raise

apollo nidaIt’s been whirlwind for the entire cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The highly popular show controls Sunday night tv with cable’s highest ratings. The show’s success has prompted Bravo producers to offer the entire cast a major pay raise for season 7. The cast is making their own demands and Bravo should have no reason granting it to them. NeNe Leakes is asking for $2 million and Kenya Moore is asking for close to $1 million. The producers know it’s the cast chemistry and drama that is bringing in the ratings so they have made it clear they want NO changes to the lineup. Bravo reportedly offered Phaedra Parks $650,000 for next season. Her net worth is already $8 million. But Phaedra is hesitant to accept and has even suggested that her appearance on the reunion might be her last.

Phaedra ParksSo much attention has allowed heavy public scrutiny among the series cast. Their personal lives have made more headlines in 2013 than Chris Brown & Rihanna’s tumultuous relationship. Most recently Phaedra Parks, who’s been on the show for 4 seasons, is dealing with serious issues. Her husband Apollo Nida who already spent 8 years in prison might be heading back to jail. It was reported that January 23rd Nida appeared before a judge after being indicted on Identity Theft and bank fraud charges which could land him in prison for 20 years. The couple have two children together and if convicted this would be detrimental to their family. So Phaedra has set her priorities straight and putting her family first.

Phaedra Parks was worth $5 million before she became a reality star. Since her rise to tabloid headliner Parks earned $500K in 2005 for representing several influential business owners, celebrities, athletes and artist in Atlanta. Her law firm the Parks Group was founded in 2002 and focuses on athletes and entertainers.


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