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Rosie pierri 2013Birthday: June 12th 1968
Age: 45
Birthplace: Wayne, New Jersey
Sexuality: Gay
Cousins: Joe Gorga,& Teresa Giudice
Net Worth: $200,000

Rosie Pierrie is the younger sister of Real Housewives of New Jerseys star Kathy Walkie. Since her sister signed on in season 3 Rosie has made several appearances on the series. She has revealed to the world that she is a Lesbian and she has had struggles with finding a woman to settle down with. Her upbeat personality and rambunctious sense of humor has drawn millions of viewers to her and her story. Kathy is overprotective of her little sister and has admitted since her appearance on the series she has gotten all sorts of unwanted attention. Rosie is looking for love after being in a 10 year relationship she wants to pick up the pieces and settle down. There has been speculation the fan favorite Rosie could get her own spin off series in 2014.

Rosie Pierri Kathy WakileOutside of stealing everyone’s heart on RHONJ Rosie is one of the few cast members with a real job. It’s been difficult for her to date because of her hectic work schedule which requires her to work sometimes 12 hour days. I am a senior project manger for a company that manufactures high-end displays and furniture for the retail industry. her salary is $90,000 a year. She says clients have recognized her from the series. In an interview with Huffington post she describes their response to the show “Some of them are busting my chops like, “Oh, you’ll forget us when you’re a big star!” Yeah, OK. They know I can kid around and I’m always up for a joke.” Although she is not a listed credited cast member Rosie still gets a small fee for her appearances $30 thousand per season and a $10 thousand dollar bonus for attending the reunion special. She should have a wikipedia page in no time with the millions of people that follow her on twitter and like her facebook page! Go Rosie!

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