Lil Wayne

2013 Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Net Worth in 2013? Weezy F. Baby has become more than a rapper, he’s a music legend. One of the most celebrated artist of his generation Lil Wayne has amassed a large fan base who help his album sales reach platinum status in only one week. With estimated earnings of $7 million in the past six months his net worth could reach over $135 million in June 2014. Continue reading

Birdman Baby Net Worth

Birdman 2013

Bryan Williams Birdman Baby Net Worth 44 year old music mogul and CEO and Founder of the Hip Hop dynasty Cash Money Records Bryan Williams aka Baby or Birdman is worth an estimated $170 million. According to Forbes, he grossed an estimated US $15 million from May 2010 to May 2011 with a net worth estimated at US $110 million in 2011. In 2012 Forbes estimated his net worth to Continue reading

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Cash Money

DJ Khaled Net Worth 2013 Started from the bottom and now he’s here a true success story filled with a series of obstacles and most recently a big financial hurdle. 37 year old music producer DJ Khaled born Khaled Bin Abdul Khaled in New Orleans in 1975 is worth an estimated $3 million in 2013. His earnings from 2005-2011 are $12 million but in 2012 Khaled had a series of Continue reading


Drake 2013

Drake Net Worth in 2013? Canadian rapper phenomenon Drake is worth $40 million. In 2012 he earned over $20.5 million alone. His earnings were generated heavily from album sales, concert tours, and endorsements with Sprite and Kodak. His latest album Take Care featuring the hits Motto, and Make Me Proud sold over 1.8 million copies. According to the RIAA the album is certified platinum and on it’s way to being Continue reading