Willie Robertson Net Worth

Willie Robertson 2013

How Much is Willie Robertson Worth on Duck Dynasty? In 2013 Duck Dynasty premiere season 3 with a record breaking amount of ratings for A&E. Duck Commander owners Willie Robertson and his family have gone from small business owners to the biggest stars on television. The family demanded a pay raise and bonus package for season 4. Willie recieves a $1 Million salary plus $100K bonus every episode the series Continue reading

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson 2013

How Much is Jase Robertson Worth in 2013? Willie‘s brother (the second-oldest of Phil and Miss Kay‘s sons) and is in charge of the manufacturing aspects of Duck Commander. Although his salary is only $100K per year working under his brother at his father’s business he is commanding even more for his role on the television show. ¬†Along with other employees, Jase tunes the duck calls by hand. Many of Continue reading

Phil Robertson Net Worth

Phil Robertson 2013

How Much is Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Worth in 2013? His idea of happiness is killing things. He compares women to Labrador retrievers saying ¬†they have all sorts of quirks and after being married to Miss Kay for 45 years he’s learned to go with all the quirks. Phil Robertson is the sarcastic and lovable star of A&E’s biggest series Duck Dynasty. The show has given light to a family Continue reading

Si Robertson Net Worth

Si Robertson 2013

How Much is Si Robertson Worth in 2013? Phil’s younger brother, a Vietnam war veteran, and a married man (though his wife is not featured on the show). He works at Duck Commander, making the reeds that go into every duck call. Si is known for his and his ever-present blue plastic cup, which his mother sent him while he was serving overseas. His quotes and sarcastic sense of humor Continue reading

Miss Kay Marsha Robertson Net Worth

Miss Kay 2013

How Much is Miss Kay Worth in 2013? Miss Kay is loved by everyone but Willie the businessman and most professional of the family is no doubt the Momma’s boy according to her. Miss Kay proclaims she loves all her boys the same but everyone agrees that Willie is her favorite. But the difference in Willie growing up was the other boys all listen to their father but Willie went Continue reading

Korie Robertson Net Worth

Korie Robertson 2013 duck dynasty

How Much is Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty Worth in 2013? Harding University educated, business woman Korie Robertson is married to the king of the outdoors. Willie his brothers, his father and Uncle are all outdoors men. They enjoy roughing it and it shows even on their appearance. But their wives are the upper echelon. When they all get together Si and Jase will tell hunting stories and the wives Continue reading