Sweet Suspense

Sweet Suspense X Factor

Sweet Suspense X Factor Girl Group by Simon Cowell Simon Cowell is known for picking out future stars and in the case of Sweet Suspense it’s no different. Three strangers who never met until X Factor boot camp were put together in a group. Sound familiar? Well it should this has been a winning formula for the music executive. Groups like One Direction, Union J, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony Continue reading

Roxxy Montana are Marvin Gaye Grandchildren

Roxxy Montana X Factor

Roxxy Montana Already Have Record Deals! Just when you thought X Factor was a series with the purpose of giving undiscovered talent a chance to be famous we realize we’ve been duped again! After learning that 54 year old Lillie McCloud had a music career in the 80’s and Rachel Potter is a Broadway star and has released several albums in Nashville we find out Roxxy Montana also has an Continue reading