Harry Styles Net Worth

Harry Styles 2013 hair

How Much is Harry Styles Worth in 2013? 2013 was a major year for  the biggest band in the world, One Direction. The group released their debut film documentary This Is Us. The movie dominated Labor Day weekend box office during it’s release raking in over $15 million. Total grossing worldwide reached $67 million. The group  also dropped their third album Midnight Memories at the end of the year. It Continue reading

Restless Road

Restless Road X Factor group

Restless Road Restless Road is the manufactured boy group on season 3 of the X Factor. The band is comprised of Zach Beeken, Andrew Scholz and Colton Pack. Each of the boys had shaky initial audition performances but during boot camp they were able to pull it through. They enteredContinue Reading Please

Yes I Made It

Ellona Santiago

Ellona Santiago Declares Her Victory With all yeses for her second time around Ellona Santiago declared her victory backstage. The 16 year old singer from California made it to the top 12 in season 1 but she was part of a manufactured group called Intensity. Now she’s ready to spread her wings and fly. She gave Simon, Demi and Kelly Rowland chills with her version of “Wings” by Little Mix. Continue reading

Danie Geimer

Danie Geimer

Danie Geimer X Factor Danielle Geimer made it to the top 16 on the X Factor. She will be mentored by Demi Lovato in the girls group. In her audition video for the X Factor in Charleston South Carolina she is the self proclaimed bookworm. Danie says when most girlsContinue Reading Please

Carlos Guevara

Carlos Guevara

Carlos Guevara X Factor Carlos Guevara is 16 years old from Lexington South Carolina. He had an outstanding and shocking performance on the X Factor. He attended the live auditions in Charleston, South Carolina. Carlos arrived with his mom who gave him a few words of encouragement before he gotContinue Reading Please

Roxxy Montana are Marvin Gaye Grandchildren

Roxxy Montana X Factor

Roxxy Montana Already Have Record Deals! Just when you thought X Factor was a series with the purpose of giving undiscovered talent a chance to be famous we realize we’ve been duped again! After learning that 54 year old Lillie McCloud had a music career in the 80’s and Rachel Potter is a Broadway star and has released several albums in Nashville we find out Roxxy Montana also has an Continue reading

Ellona Santiago

Ellona Santiago

Ellona Santiago Ellona Santiago was first introduced to viewers in season 1 of the X Factor USA. Her singing ability got her as far as bootcamp but LA Reid decided to throw her in a group called Intensity which went on to the top 16 and was eliminated after twoContinue Reading Please

Carlito Olivero

Carlito Olivero X Factor

Carlito Olivero Carlito Olivero is the latest hopeful on season 3 of the X Factor. It was revealed this week that he made it to the final 16 and will be appearing in the live shows. His mentor is Paulina Rubio. He described himself as a Latino Chris Brown. I wouldn’t exactly say that but he wasn’t that bad. He wowed the judges singing Stay by Rihanna. Anyone can sing Continue reading

Rion Paige Thompson

Rion Paige Thompson X Factor

Rion Paige Thompson Rion Paige Thompson made her first appearance on the X Factor season 3 premiere. Her audition touched the judges and she received 4 yeses. It was also announced that she made it through the top 40 and is in the top 16 ready for the live shows. Her mentor is Demi Lovato. She auditioned in Charleston South Carolina and the audience who got the chance to witness Continue reading

Paulina Rubio

Paulina Rubio 2013

Paulina Rubio Net Worth in 2013 Nicknamed La Chica Dorada, the Golden child Paulina Rubio was born to be a star. The Latin music sensation was just named the newest judge on X Factor in 2013. Rubio who has had a long and extensive career in the music industry selling over 20 million albums worldwide is lending her skills and advice to thousands of music hopefuls. Simon Cowell the show’s Continue reading