Teyana Taylor Net Worth in 2018

How Much is Teyana Taylor Worth in 2018?

    Birthday: December 10, 1990

  • Birthplace: Harlem, New York City; New York
  • Net Worth: $3 million
  • Spouse: Iman Shumpert
  • Children: Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr.

It was Kanye’s music video for Fade that sent Teyana Toylor’s career into another dimension. The 27 year old was already modeling, acting and releasing music. So it was no wonder VH1 and other networks were hammering her to star in her own reality series. She was able to negotiate a $50,000 per episode salary for her and husband Iman each.
Teyana Taylor has become an entrepreneur. She opened her 90’s theme nail shop in Harlem called Junie Bee. The shop is named after her daughter’s nickname.

While being a mother, wife, reality star, and model she is currently working on her next album. Teyana has become a fashion icon but she wants to take it bake to music. She says her last album VII (Seven) got a lack of promotion from the label. The upcoming album is being produced entirely by Kanye West. She says he’s currently recording his album working on Teyana’s in the Wyoming Mountains. It was first reported early last year that Kanye West had removed himself from civilization to put an album together — also, presumably, to take a much-needed time after his breakdown on stage in 2016.

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