Tiffany Pollard New York Net Worth in 2018

How Much is Tiffany Pollard New York Worth in 2018?

  • Real name: Tiffany Pollard
  • Birthplace: Utica, New York
  • Birthday: January 6, 1982
  • Siblings: Derek Pollard
  • Parents: Michelle Patterson, Alex Pollard
  • In the middle of an I Love New York marathon we thought we’d give you the tea on former reality star queen Tiffany Pollard aka New York. Since appearing on season 1 of Flavor of Love, it was destined that Pollard was made for television. Her outrageous personality and super large chest made her absolutely iconic. Pollard’s tv debut was non paid but VH1 knew they had a star on their hands and signed her on to do her own dating series “I Love New York.” The production company paid her $1,500 per episode. It wasn’t a lot of money but the exposure was enough to build her brand.

    Outside of the series Tiffany was being paid $3,000 for club appearances. She also landed small hosting gigs. The show not only propelled her in the states but it made her well known in other countries. Tiffany was booking club hosting gigs in Australia, England and South Africa. With her popularity she was able to negotiate a large contract for season 2. In fact Pollard became one of the highest paid women on reality television, before Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives. Pollard was earning $250,000 that season plus $30,000 for the reunion taping. Following the show Tiffany was hoping all over television and made appearances on Celebrity Big Brother UK, where she got paid $50,000 and later The Next 15 on TV One.

    Tiffany came back to VH1 with her popular mom for Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. And most recently she appeared on Scared Famous. The ratings were extremely low so it might not be picked up for a second season. New York also came on the E! Series Botched, where she revealed she’s had some bad plastic surgery on her breast. Since then she continued going under the knife and with her new nose she is unrecognizable. Tiffany aka New York’s net worth is $500,000.

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