Tommie and Erica Mena Get Into Fist Fight on LHHATL

Did Erica Mena and Co-Star Tommie Get Into Brawl Filming LHHATL?

According to a tip I received this weekend, a source close to production of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta claims that Tommie and Mena had a falling out that ended in a huge fist fight while filming. The two were introduced to each other by Mimi’s friend Melissa. Erica took their first encounter hoping it would turn into a fling. But Tommie was not here for it. She may have dipped into the lady pond before but Tommie claims she’s not naturally attracted to most women or has any interest in having an affair with a women. But Erica Mena was up for the challenge.

Although they became close friends during filming of season 6, the two ladies never did anything sexual. But according to a source Mena got close to Jessica Dime, becoming good friends with her. And Tommie who is very territorial, felt that Mena had betrayed. What’s even worse is that Mena allegedly revealed a personal secret to Dime about Tommie that got back to Tommie. As a result Mena and Tommie went fist to fist in an all out brawl. The cameras were filming every bit of it.

The fight allegedly happened during the daytime at an outdoor restaurant in Atlanta. Whats even worse is that the fight ended up in the streets and some people passing may have gotten unintentionally hit. We’ll have more details once we find footage of the this alleged fight.

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