Tommie Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Pay

How Much Does Tommie Earn on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Born Atasha Jefferson, Tommie has become a fan favorite for the network. Despite her criminal past and legal battles Tommie is doing something positive for her family. She’s made enough money on the show to get a big house for her seven siblings and mom. She also revealed she bought a pig for her daughter. Even though, as it currently stands things are dicey between her and sister Versace, she’s still doing her best to turn things around.

This new lifestyle can all be attributed to her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta salary. When she debuted on season 5, she was earning a reported $5,000 per episode. The producers initially were more focused on her then boyfriend Scrapp and his family. Her rambunctious attitude and edgy style caught our attention. Mona bought her back for the following season while Scrapp was in jail. She was then earning a $100,000 salary plus a reunion fee bonus.

This season Tommie is reportedly earning more than $250,000. And her sister Versace and mother Samantha are all getting their own fee of $5,000 per episode. Talk about a family business.

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