Who is Darren Naugles

Five Things to Know about Darren Naugles Lisa Nicole’s Husband on Married to Medicine

  • Because of all the drama surrounding his sex life outside his marriage Darren has literally become the 7th cast member of Married 2 Medicine. His real life story line is probably what’s keeping the show’s ratings so high. It was just last season that revelations about the “quiet” doctor were popping up left and right. A tripper claimed that he sees her every night and a gay male claimed that he slept with him. And there are a number of rumors surfacing about a potential baby he has outside of his relationship with Lisa Nicole. With all that juicy tea Darren has helped Lisa get a hefty paycheck for Married to Medicine. Apparently Darren Naugles and Miss Cloud earn $15,000 per episode. It might not seem like a lot but with Lisa trying for another baby at 50 years old, she gonna need to pay for another Nanny for at least 18 years.
  • Darren Naugles owes the IRS almost $300,000. It was exposed on season 3 that cast members Toya and her husband are in debt owing $75,000. But Naugles $245k debt is almost unfathomable. Radar Online published the story in 2016. A Gwinnett County Clerk confirmed to Radar that the $46,668 lien placed on the couple in 2015 has yet to be released. The $198,988 lien placed on them in 2014 has not been released either. Because of his occupation and schedule it’s hard to believe that he is responsible for this mountain of debt. Lisa Nicole’s failed business attempts to make herself seem like she’s busy might explain this debt. She had a clothing line that never made it in stores, but she spent nearly $100k on and spent thousands on a runway show to present it.
  • Naugles is a emergency medicine doctor in Canton, Georgia and is affiliated with Northside Hospital-Cherokee. He received his medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine and has been in practice for 20 years. He is one of 2 doctors at Northside Hospital-Cherokee who specialize in Emergency Medicine.
  • According to rumors Damen Wayne, the man who alleged having an affair with Dr. Darren says they met at a Bravo party in 2013. Apparently the two met at the season 2 premiere of Married to Medicine and it was there they exchanged numbers. According to an interview with one of Lisa’s former employees at AllAbouttheTea.com Damen had confided in him about the relationship. Because of that the former employee had to stop being friends with Damen while working for Lisa Nicole. The employee also revealed Miss Cloud rarely paid him and he later quit because of it. But Miss Cloud claims Darren never had an affair with Damen and that her former employee conspired with Quad to put that on the show.
  • Prior to season 3 airing blogger Funky Dineva had revealed that Dr Darren Naugles may have a child in California. during the time of his marriage to Nicole. it was revealed when Quad did a background check on her Lisa. She dug up the tea that Darren has an open child support case in California. Oh my lawd, this piping hot tea! In short, what this information translates to is, Dr. Darren may have potentially cheated on Lisa-Nicole and fathered another child out in California somewhere.
  • I don’t exactly know if the rumors about the child in Cali and the gay relationship are true or not which is why I inserted links to their original source. But whatever is going on I pray for Lisa and Darren who have some beautiful children!

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