Who is Karen KK King?

Karen KK King Bio, Wiki, Net Worth: Five Things You Need to Know

Karen King KK

  • Birth Name: Karen Lynn King
  • Birthplace: Woodstock, Georgia
  • Birthday: 1961
  • Age: 55
  • Children: 3 sons

Things are definitely getting spicy with the casting of Karen King aka KK on LHHATL. The 55 year old mother of 3 allegedly plot a hit on her then live-in boyfriend. Her 3 sons and 2 other men were originally indicted on attempted murder. They were driving a vehicle that was pulled over and coincidentally in the trunk of the car was her then boyfriend with a fractured face.

KK holds to this day that she was innocent and so were her grown sons Scrapp DeLeon and Sas. They will be on the show but believe it or not it’s not their alleged plot to kill that got them cast but a secretive connection with the current cast. KK dated Stevie J about a decade ago and the two were definitely close. This might have been going down while Mimi was dating Stevie too, adding even more chaos to the show.

The producers are describing her as the “new Momma Dee”. Karen is seen as overprotective of her sons and for good reason. Scrapp is dating Tiara aka Tia Becca. But he apparently has a side chick named Tommie. What’s even more surprising is that thirsty Karlie is trying to get a taste of that, as she starts hitting on Scrapp which eventually leads to an affair. This is becoming a Soap Opera. To add even more to the story line Scrapp is facing jail time.

A Cherokee County woman featured on “America’s Most Wanted” has been captured in Florida. Fifty-two-year-old Karen King is accused of ordering five men, three of them her sons, to beat her boyfriend and then dump him somewhere in March of 2012. Cherokee Sheriff’s Lt. Jamie Gianfala says the car the men were in was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Alabama–and when the driver got shifty and couldn’t identify the name of the car’s owner, police searched it and Lyndon Smith was found in the trunk. He had multiple face fractures, brain swelling, had lost vision in one eye and was comatose. A tipster saw King on TV, and called the cops. She’s awaiting extradition back to metro Atlanta. – Original news report in 2013

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