Who is NBA YoungBoy?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy is a hot up and coming rapper and just landed on the main page of TMZ this weekend. According to the celebrity gossip site they claim that a car rental company says NBA Youngboy totaled a white Lamborghini. The accident is estimated to cost the young star $350,000.

  • 1.NBA Youngboy was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The rapper had a rough upbringing in Louisiana. In an article highlighting the rappers hometown neighborhood the writer states ” evidence of destruction was everywhere”. The Eastside of Baton Rouge is one of the poorest areas int he entire state. Louisiana has seen it’s fair share of hardships since Hurricane Katrina. The storm brought light to the lack of Government funding and attention in area. The schools in Youngboy’s district are ranked as the lowest int eh country with extremely low testing scores and the highest teacher to student ratio. It’s almost a miracle that the rapper was able to get out.
  • 2. His name stands for Young Boy Never Broke Again. Youngboy became hot on social media just two years ago. His music was one of the most streamed on Soundcloud. His wave caught the attention of another southern native Yo Gotti. The Five Star rapper wanted to sign Youngboy to CMG. But Gotti’s parent label Atlantic Records came with the bigger deal and wanted to sign him directly with them. His record deal is worth $2 million. Similar to the one offered to Trinidad James by Def Jam.
  • 3. He was born September 12th 2000. So his star sign is Virgo. According to horoscopes his traits are a hard worker, and analytical. To be 17 with a record deal and one of the most streamed artist on Spotify I would imagine he lives up to those astrological traits.
  • 4. The 17 year old is very quiet. Despite the openness in his music and his attention grabbing swag he speaks very little. In an interview with Fader magazine Youngboy says he lets his pen do the talking. In his music he doesn’t hold back in the least detailing his struggle growing up.
  • 5. His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.

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