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Parker Schnabel Net Worth: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

1.Gold Rush has been a breakout hit for Discovery Channel. In fact the show is the networks highest rated series. And after 8 seasons the show’s cast command some of the highest salaries on reality television. Parker Schnabel is Gold Rush’s youngest cast member but because of his huge fan following from the show he’s the highest paid. He earns $10,000 per episode. With 23 episodes per season that brings his salary to $230,000 per season.

2. Parker Schnabel is dating Australian Ashley Yule. The two met while Parker was on vacation in Australia. Within just a few weeks she traveling to the US to visit Parker and the two eventually moved in together. In an interview with Channel Guide, Parker exclaimed the two hit it off quickly. They share the same sense of humor and she fits his lifestyle perfectly. According to the Inquisitr Ashley could play a bigger role on season 8. She is also getting paid $1,500 per episode appearance. According to a recent Facebook live Q&A he does not plan on getting married anytime soon.

3.Parker was born and raised in Haines Alaska. The town is one of the smallest in the country with a population of only 1,000. Coincidentally in the late 1800’s the town’s population was at it’s highest during the Klondike Gold Rush.
4. Parker says the biggest nugget he’s found was worth $500. He says currently where they are mining in Dawson they don’t come across nuggets very often. But he also said his grandfather would find them all the time back in Haines Alaska.
5. He hasn’t worn the “Ugly Kid sweatshirt” in about three years. The hoodie became popular because his friends actually created the clothing line and he would wear their merchandise on episodes of Gold Rush. He says they are still friends though even though he doesn’t wear the merch.

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